Electric Rock Guitars:  I started learning to play guitar 10 yrs ago learning influential techniques of Jimi Hendrix.   The more I played and schooled myself in rock guitar , the more I became totally obsessed with the journey into higher consciousness.

I experienced a connection deeper and more powerful understanding of self and energy flow.  I had just finished design college and became more aware of patterns.  Seeing cords and scales are made up of patterns you follow  putting your fingers on the fretboard of the guitar, I thought I have to figure this out and see if I can come up with a common theme within these patterns.

My love of guitars seemed like a must theme to chase down. These are or were guitars I own. To me each guitar has it own personality. Some are cleaner sounding and some are dirtier sounding. Others are easier to play and others just feel like butter in your hands.

Not a rock god or blues master but learing to play only increased my creative spiritual skills more than I ever expected to. I’ve learned what Hendrix called the flow or being in the flow and how best for me to use it. More about that in the blog. If you are looking for a theme to chase may I suggest to follow your passions. Always a good place to start. 

Christopher DaGrosa

Photographer/Visual Artist

Lebanon, NJ 08833 


"As a photographer I create exciting photographs for private collectors, client branding, direct marketing and ecommerce clientele."

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