Golf for Metal: Not one pro sports is played with a ball that doesn’t move until you hit and goes where you wanted it to, hopefully.

When you consider the amount of practice and skill it takes to play at the highest level and stay at that level golf becomes your job. 

It’s only the players who stays focus and makes the less mistakes when the Sunday hunt is on. Who can handle the pressure on the back 9 at this unpredictable game. “Everything you do makes youself nervous than you traing your self to deal with it” Paul Azinger. 

Win at the 18th green after 4 days, 72 holes of mentally challenging golf. 

You choose to make your living playing GOLF to win METAL.  A cup, a trophy  all made from metal.

Every amateur golfer has their dream of playing par golf. Usually a score of 71-72.  That would be one of the best days of their lives to shoot par or better but most play 5 to 20 some over par as your weekend golfer.

The top pros golfers are so good shooting par golf that it is just a boring day of golf for them and will not win the Metal.  


The men and women of winter sports. These are TV images captured and turn into METAL. Sit patience looking for the decisive moment in the slow motion replay on the 8Ft HD screen, camera in hand. 

Blading at 50-70 miles down a hill dodging flags that come at you at the speed of light and vertical drops that would make a roller coaster look tame, Skier and snowboarder at this level deserve to be captured in METAL.  American Skier, Milka Shiffren said” Its not who I am, It’s what I am”  Go for the Gold! 

Christopher DaGrosa

Photographer/Visual Artist

Lebanon,NJ 08833 




“As a photographer I create exciting photographs for private collectors, client branding, direct marketing and ecommerce clientele.”

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