Christopher DaGrosa

Christopher DaGrosa

Commercial Marketing Photographer / Visual Artist


Hi, I hope you enjoyed the portfolio. I’ve been in the deepest trenches of advertising and commercial marketing for three decades now. I went to college for this and worked in the business ever since. Only the last 15-20 yrs has ecommerce design been positioned at the forefront of marketing verses the magazine advertisements of the past when the printed paper was king.  

I understand every bit of what I call the Google web rules. I wear multiple hats. Besides having master photography skills, I’m also skilled in the finer nuances of Web-Design, Web Performance, SEO or Search Engine Optimization aka Googles standards for ranking. Two hundred of them to follow and adhere to if you want to be on par with Google. 

My skill set started with a pencil and now contains master skills.

  • Commercial studio photography
  • High-speed image capture
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, InDesign
  • WordPress, HTML , PHP, CSS
  • SEO, Email marketing, Landing page design
  • Marketing funnels, Facebook ads, Google AdWords
  • Woocomerce stores for WordPress,  eBay stores
  • A few other editing software that I use to deliver that extra wow factor. My secondary skill set would be sound recording and film or video capture.  

If you’re interested in collaborating or talking about a project, text is the best way to instantly contact me, just reference you saw my work or website and would like to chat. Due to the volume of spam calls I don’t answer the phone unless you are already in my phone, I get a head ups text or just leave a voice mail or feel free to send an email.  Thanks, Christopher. Click the link to my Commercial Advertising Portfolio


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Christopher DaGrosa

Christopher DaGrosa NY/NJ Commercial Advertising Product, High Speed Capture Splash and Motion Advertising Photography

Lebanon,NJ 08833 




“As a commercial marketing studio photographer I create exciting  photographs for client branding, direct marketing and ecommerce clientele.”

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